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iPad Repairs – How do we repair a broken iPad Screen ?

Firstly, before we start explaining the details and technicalities of it all, it is important to understand that if you are not familiar with repairing an iPad you need to be extremely careful. Parts are expensive to replace, difficult to install and this is a very delicate unit to work on. Moreover Apple do not repair these devices – they only offer to replace it with a refurbished unit and this is a pretty expensive option!

The most common repair to an iPad is a broken touch screen. This can be caused by various scenarios but this device is especially vulnerable when it is dropped at a corner. Once the corner gets dented, it bends inwards and applies extra pressure on the glass screen causing it to crack. Surprisingly, most of the iPads we see with a cracked screen remain fully functional and this is a testament to the quality of the product really. Everything else works perfectly, it’s just an annoying crack along the screen ruining your tablet experience.

Step 1

The operation here starts with a general test of functionality. This includes the wifi signal, front and back cameras, power and volume buttons, microphone, home button & charging port. After these preliminary tests are completed the unit is inspected around the frame for dents (these would need to be repaired otherwise the new digitizer will break again) and for any other defects visually apparent.

Step 2

Since the top part of the iPad digitizer screen is glued onto the unit, we need to apply heat, at a controlled temperature, around it and slowly pry off the old and broken one. This takes considerable patience and understanding of the internals since there are several risks of damaging other parts sitting around the sub-frame.

Step 3

We then proceed to dismantle the internal LCD Screen and clean out the broken bits of glass.

Step 4

A careful assessment of the frame is carried out to repair the dents along the bottom chassis. Specialised tools are used to curve out the rounded corners and fill them back in again.

Step 5

The unit is now cleaned out completely, inspected once more and the new digitizer is connected for further tests including the home button responsiveness, wifi signal strength, volume controls, power on/off switch, both front and rear cameras and the microphone clarity.

Step 6

This is the exciting part – We prepare the new digitizer for installation, clean in and around the unit and apply the new touch screen in place. The digitizer is then sealed together for a couple of hours to make sure that no oxidization occurs during the healing process.

Step 7

Final tests are carried once more to confirm the iPad repair is up to our standards and is in perfect working condition. The touch screen is calibrated and stress tested after which the device is ready for collection.

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