Refurb & Compatible Grades explained

Refurb & Compatible Grades explained

Detailed information about our grading structure, compatible toners and ink

Refurbished Certified (CPO)

vs Refurbished Pre-Owned grading:

First of all, all our devices are fully tested and guaranteed 100%. All are offered with a no quibble warranty for additional peace of mind. When buying used, do you generally receive a no quibble warranty? Probably not.. but we like to offer our customers the peace of mind they deserve. Whether its a Refurbished Pre-owned phone or laptop, or a Refurbished Certified Macbook or desktop computer, they are all warranted and guaranteed.

Refurbished Certified CPO are devices that have been rigorously refurbished to meet the same functional standards as per a new device. These devices are literally 'as new' and are mainly Ex-Demo units that have been repackaged directly by the manufacturer. 

Refurbished Pre-Owned are devices that have been used previously and sorted by quality. They are then tested, put through a series of stress tests, repaired and have parts replaced with new ones (if needed). These devices are all triple tested in-house by Apple Certified and Microsoft trained technicians to meet and exceed the mechanical expectation of a new device. The only flaws these devices carry are negligible cosmetic ones, like scratches or light abrasions.

For your reference we have listed our Refurbished, Certified (CPO) and Pre-Owned grades below with a few pictures so as to compare and know what to expect.

It is important to note that ALL these devices work flawlessly. These Grades are purely for cosmetic reasons. Pictures are for reference only. All items can be viewed directly in-store as stock becomes available.

Several different functionality tests are also performed on all the device components before advertising our units for re-sale. Keep this in mind when buying and comparing!

We systematically focus on our reduction in electronic footprint during refurbishment. The environment is our top priority.

Grade A+ : Pristine Condition, Usually in NEW condition or extremely close

Grade A+

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Grade A / A- : Excellent Condition, Usually in very good condition or with barely noticeable marks

Grade A

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Grade B / B+ : Good Condition, marks, dents and/or scratches are expected

Grade B

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Compatible Toners:

Our compatible Toners and Cartridges are guaranteed to work as well as any branded model, with no decrease in quality. For peace of mind, we also offer hassle-free replacements should there be any defects or problems with them.

The yield on these Compatible Toners and Ink Cartridges has been tested and found to give as many printouts as a branded one, if not more! The cartridge yield can be found on the boxes as well as online, which can give you a very clear indication of how much you are paying per page. You simply divide the cartridge yield by the price.

For example:

        Model  Price

Yield (at 5% 

 Price (P/P)

HP 126A Yellow Toner €62.95 1000 Pages 0.06c

126A Yellow Toner

€41.30 1000 Pages 0.04c


This example clearly shows how you are paying 1/3 less on a product that will give you the same amount of printouts at minimum. This applies to all the brands we supply; HP, Brother, Ricoh, Canon, Dell, Kyocera, Lexmark, Samsung, & Epson.

The problem with refillable Toners and Ink Cartridges is that they can damage your printer. Bad Ink Cartridges may seep out ink and cause problems to the internal mechanism and faulty Toners can discharge toner dust that will cover the internal components and paper.
We make sure to get only the best compatible units on the market, and can guarantee that your printer will not be damaged or harmed by them in any way. We are so sure of this that we are willing to offer you a printer replacement, should this ever be the case, no matter the model!

Special Rates
We offer special bulk rates on any bulk Toner and Ink Cartridge orders.
Want to place an order for a company? Even better. Due to our competitive pricing, we can offer companies special pricing and offers, as well as free delivery to anywhere in Malta & Gozo. Credit is also available to any company that wishes to apply for it (subject to approval).


Published: 29 March 2019

atom repairs IT.. yes, we repair I.T.

We repair I.T. That is what we do. We are a company focused on repairs, PC upgrades and refurbishment of all kinds of Information Technology devices including tablet and smartphone repairs together with computer and laptop repairs.

Our know-how and expertise comes from years of experience in Apple Mac repair, Samsung and LG, Sony and Android devices. We even handle component level repairs and carry out liquid damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

We do not sell new computers, phones or tablets, we only sell refurbished devices! We will not try to sell you a new product if your device can be repaired or refurbished. We have your best interest at heart and our technicians are qualified and experienced to offer you their expert advice and the highest standard of service and repairs in Malta. When you repair your device at Atom, we restore your device to its original standard.

Computer repairers, I.T. mechanics, call us what you will. At Atom - we repair IT.
Atom® is proud to be a Recognised Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner and Panda Software Reseller.

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