Refurb Grades explained

Refurb Grades explained

More information about our grading and what to expect

All our used, pre-owned and refurbished phones and laptops are fully tested and guaranteed 100%. All are offered with a no quibble warranty for additional peace of mind. When buying used, do you generally receive a no quibble warranty? Probably not.. but we like to offer our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

For your reference we have listed our Used, Pre-Owned and Refurbished grades below with a few pictures so as to compare and know what to expect.

Note: that ALL devices work flawlessly. These Grades are purely for Cosmetic reasons. Pictures are for reference only. All items can be viewed directly in-store as stock becomes available.

Several different functionality tests are performed on all components before advertising our units for re-sale. Keep this in mind when comparing!

We systematically focus on our reduction in electronic footprint during refurbishment. The environment is our top priority.

Grade A+ : Pristine Condition, Usually in NEW condition or extremely close

Grade A+

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Grade A / A- : Excellent Condition, Usually in very good condition or with barely noticeable marks

Grade A

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Grade B / B+ : Good Condition, slight marks and/or scratches

Grade B

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Published: 29 March 2019

atom repairs IT.. yes, we repair I.T.

We repair I.T. That is what we do. We are a company focused on repairs, PC upgrades and refurbishment of all kinds of Information Technology devices including tablet and smartphone repairs together with computer and laptop repairs.

Our know-how and expertise comes from years of experience in Apple Mac repair, Samsung and LG, Sony and Android devices. We even handle component level repairs and carry out liquid damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

We do not sell new computers, phones or tablets and we will not try to sell you a new product if your device can be repaired and refurbished. We have your best interest at heart and our technicians are qualified and experienced to offer you their expert advice and the highest standard of service and repairs in Malta. When you repair your device at Atom, we restore your device to its original standard.

Computer repairers, I.T. mechanics, call us what you will. At Atom - we repair IT.
Atom® is proud to be a Recognised Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner and Panda Software Reseller.

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