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Damaged PlayStation 5? Here’s How We Tackle These Repairs

Damaged PlayStation 5? Here’s How We Tackle These Repairs

Gaming consoles are great devices, which come with a variety of uses and features, and increase with every model upgrade.

One of the latest console models is the PS5, with elements such as adaptive triggers on the controllers, a game hub, cross-generation multiplayer, improved sound and graphics, and more. 

However, like all devices, the PlayStation 5 is exposed to wear and tear, as well as bugs and other software issues – and this is where Atom I.T. Repairs comes in, providing practical, efficient and affordable solutions to your problems.

Here are the common console problems that we can tackle with PS5s: 

  • Overheating Consoles

    For overheating issues with your console, it may either need a cleaning due to dirt or dust, or it may be a sign of requiring a more thorough inspection and repair – both of which we can provide. Careful, the PS5 has a very specific thermal dissipation architecture. Professional handling is your way to go here. Leave this to people that know exactly what is needed and are qualified to do so.

  • Crashes & Freezing

    In case of consoles crashing whilst on or in rest/standby mode, console software repair is often needed. This requires a quick check from our repair specialists, in which we are happy to help sort out.

  • Network issues

    In cases where you are having trouble connecting to the PlayStation Network or connecting to the Wi-Fi, this requires a look into checking how the console responds to a wireless network and the PSN Network, or if it’s the case of something not working with the console.

  • Screen Display Issues

    Display issues can be the cause of hardware issues such as the HDMI cable, or software issues such as PS5 firmware or VTR (Video Transfer Rate), which needs to be looked at by a specialist, more often than not.

  • Hard Drive Issues

    The hard drive on the PS5 may experience issues when transferring data, or experience other software issues such as file corruption or loss.

  • Power Issues

    Issues such as the PS5 not being able to turn on or stay on, such as freezing during games. These kinds of issues require testing both the hardware and software of the console, with various checks to find the issue, which are done with great issue and care. In most cases, a quick look-through is all that is needed, or some minor repairs/replacement.

  • Controller Issues

    Your controller is an important part of your console, so it’s paramount that it is working well enough for you to enjoy your PS5 to the fullest. We are happy to inspect and repair your controller should any issues arrive.

At Atom, we are available to help you with any of your PlayStation 5 issues, in both Base and Digital Editions, whether they are listed above or require more attention. 

We believe that your console issues should not affect your love of gaming, and our repair technicians will make sure your console is back in tip-top shape! Contact us today at info@atomonline.com or +356 2142 2934 for any console questions!

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 01 October 2022

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