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Our Work as Independent Repair Providers for Apple in Malta

Here's what it means to form part of the Independent Repair Providers Program for Apple.

Raising Standards as Authorised Service Providers for GIGABYTE in Malta

Here's what it means to be Authorised Service Providers for GIGABYTE in Malta.

Our Same Day Fixes Make I.T. Repairs in Malta Quick and Easy

Learn more about our Same Day Fixes at Atom I.T. Repairs!

4 Reasons Why Consoles Break Down! Here’s How We Fix Them

Here's are our top 4 reasons as to why consoles break down, and what we offer when fixing them!

3 Vital Steps To Securing Your Data

We put security first, and here are our vital recommendations!

Damaged MacBook Screen? Our Flexgate Repairs Make This An Effective Fix

Learn more about Apple's MacBook - specifically with regards to Flexgate!

Remove Stains & Smudges With Our Professional Laptop Screen Polishing

We're here to keep your laptop in mint condition, and this is how we do it!

All You Need to Know on Component Level Repairs & Micro Soldering

Where to begin with component level repairs!? We seek to answer precisely this question.

Increase Battery Life With Our Top 5 Tips for Battery Calibration

Device degradation is typically identified by poor battery life or inaccurate readings. Here are our top 5 tips for an accurate battery calibration!

Here's How We Tackle Our iMac Repairs

Tackling iMac repairs with expertise and attention. Here's how we do it!

Our Top 5 iOS Tips & Hidden Secrets for Apple Users

If you are crazy about iPhones just like we are here at Atom I.T. Repairs, then you are going to love our top 5 iOS tips and hidden secrets!

Our Top 3 PC Upgrade Suggestions for Gamers

If you're a PC gamer, then here is some valuable information to guide your next upgrade!

Here’s How We Restore Corrupted and Deleted Files

If you’ve ever been in a situation involving the loss of sensitive data, then you can definitely understand the importance of an effective recovery!

Understanding Cloud Storage and How Best to Use It

Cloud Storage can be multifaceted in terms of its use and capabilities, and has become part and parcel with many people’s digital lives – both personally and professionally.

How We Can Repair Your Apple Devices - Certified Repair Providers

At Atom I.T. Repairs, we know how important it is to provide an excellent service, especially when it comes to dealing with your devices.

Atom, we'll repair IT!

We are a company focused on I.T. repair, PC upgrade, and refurbishment, including tablet and smartphone repair, as well as computer and laptop repair. Our know-how and expertise are the products of years of experience in Apple Mac repair, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Android device repair. We even handle component-level repair and carry out moisture damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

Atom® is a proud Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP), Malta's only Gigabyte Authorised Service Centre and an AVG Antivirus & Solutions Reseller.

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