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Understanding Cloud Storage and How Best to Use It

Understanding Cloud Storage and How Best to Use It

Cloud Storage can be multifaceted in terms of its use and capabilities, and has become part and parcel with many people’s digital lives – both personally and professionally.

Most people only have a minimal idea of what cloud storage is and how it works. At Atom I.T. Repairs, we want you to know what cloud storage can do for you, and how you can utilize it to its fullest extent whilst being personalized to your needs. Here, we will be explaining both how cloud storage works and what we think are the best ways to use it. 


What is Cloud Storage & How Does It Work? 

Cloud storage is a flexible and convenient way to store data. In simple terms, cloud storage is having a virtual hard drive that you can access from wherever you want, whenever you want. 

You can store items like documents, photos, music and videos remotely – and this is done without using up any storage on your computer, phone or tablet.

Cloud storage works by using an internet connection to send and save your files on remote computers designed to host them, known as servers. You can access your files from anywhere and on any device, so long as you have internet access, and a cloud storage service that supports your device. The same server can host the data of multiple users, but your data will only be able to be accessed from your own account.

With cloud storage, even if your hard drive fails, your files are safe and retrievable. You don’t need to worry about data loss, as you can store copies of your important files on your chosen storage service.


What Are The Best Types of Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage can be utilised in various ways, but there are robust uses that Atom Repair would like to highlight, to ensure that you get the best out of your cloud storage:

  1. Backup and Recovery:

    Backup and recovery is an important part of ensuring your data is protected and accessible, and cloud storage provides low costs, high durability, and significant scale to backup and recovery solutions.

  2. Software Testing and Development:

    Software test and development environments often require separate, independent, and duplicate storage environments to be built out, managed, and decommissioned. Many developers thus turn to pay-as-you go storage options that remove management and scale headaches.

  3. Cloud Data Migration:

    Availability, durability, and cost benefits of cloud storage can be very compelling to business owners – which adds benefits of storage, backup, networking, and security. However, cloud storage needs to be applied with expertise, and can raise concerns if not implemented safely and efficiently.

  4. Compliance:

    Storing data in the cloud can raise concerns about regulation and compliance, especially if this data is already stored in compliant storage systems. However, controls can be implemented to lock and further protect data from future edits.


Cloud Storage must be treated with great care, knowledge, and skill. Our consultants provide an integrated approach to any and all concerns. We can answer any question about cloud storage systems and how to best work with them – as well as how current cloud storage systems can be improved.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 08 August 2022

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