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4 Reasons Why Consoles Break Down! Here’s How We Fix Them

4 Reasons Why Consoles Break Down! Here’s How We Fix Them

Here's are our top 4 reasons as to why consoles break down, and what we offer when fixing them!

Let’s be honest - there’s nothing worse than having your console die on you after a long day’s work or whilst your squad is online! We know that feeling, and hate it as much as you do. Unfortunately, like all other devices, consoles are also prone to damages which may arise from a variety of sources. Here are our top reasons as to why your console might break down! 


#1 Neglect


Consoles are built to last and can function even after several years if taken care of properly. Do you remember your first console? If kept clean, cool, and dry it may actually still work! Many repairs are the result of neglect, which in the majority of cases can be avoided. For example leaving your console vulnerable to collisions by passersby puts all working components at risk. It goes without saying that one should also avoid areas where possible liquid spillage may occur. Neglect, contrary to popular belief, upholds a much different definition to merely leaving your device untouched for long stretches of time. The common association here is dirt and dust, and in reality, heat from consoles attract dust, which in turn covers your console’s components. Issues arise if dust is left to accumulate to a point where airflow is obstructed. Undeniably, this may cause the console to malfunction.


#2 Wear And Tear


Although a tough pill to swallow, your beloved game console is slowly but surely dying! From parts failure to power issues and much more, each device with its original parts has a life-span, and cannot merely work forever without being tended to. Some of the most common occurring PlayStation faults include damaged HDMI and USB ports, blinking lights, corroded solder joints, or a faulty power supply among several others. With older consoles especially, Blue Ray and optical drives found inside certain models can also cause problems if left unattended. There are simply too many parts to mention which eventually may become damaged, however as previously described, all of these issues may very well be prevented with occasional checks and adequate care.


#3 Moisture Damage


Among all reasons lies one main (and obvious) factor that may cause the sad death of your console, and that’s moisture/liquid! It is vital to note that all liquids damage electronics very quickly, and will viciously corrode internals in the process. In any case of moisture damage, one should act fast and have the device handed to a repair specialist right away. If you find yourself in a situation where liquid has leaked into your console, start by switching it off and leaving it off. If there are any obvious patches of liquid, it is best to dry the device with a soft towel as best as you can. Placing your console upside down will act against liquid seeping deeper into the device and also allows it to air dry. Don’t use a hairdryer, and don’t put it in rice. These myths are well, just that - MYTHS.


#4 Hard Disk Drive Failure


A common issue experienced by various consoles is that of hard disk drive failure. Defects as such may emerge in several ways, including lost data, unusual or excessive overheating, frequent freezing or crashes, an inability to perform routine functions, unexplainable noises, and much more. The hard disk drive is one of the few mechanical parts in a console, and is therefore much more prone to damage than other non-mechanical parts. For this reason, both Xbox and PlayStation are exposed to hard disk drive damages in a very similar way! 

We have handled a broad spectrum of defects and errors over our eighteen years of operation. These have equipped us with the right skills to execute console repairs in a reliable and effective manner. We offer honest feedback built purely on technical expertise, and provide a high-quality repair service as a result of this. Get back to gaming in no time and leave your problems to us - we’ll fix it!

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 01 March 2022

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