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Liquid Damage Treatment

Liquid Damage Treatment

Switch off your device, remove the battery and take it for liquid damage treatment immediately. No amount of silica gel or rice will treat the internal components of your device.

The main thing to remember if you have spilled liquid onto a device (or dropped the device in liquid) is to act fast. First, switch off the device and remove the battery. Next, take it in for inspection and liquid damage treatment immediately. Following these two rules greatly increases your chances of saving your device.

The truth is that no amount of rice or silica gel will treat the internal components of your device. Only a fully specialised liquid damage treatment will guarantee the best chance that your device will continue to work after this ordeal. If you care about your device, let our professional team at Atom save it.

You must remember that ALL liquids damage electronics very quickly, corroding internals along the way. Water damage should also not be taken lightly. Delay in giving your device the appropriate treatment only allows the corrosion to worsen and makes your device more difficult to repair.

We can treat various electronic devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, laptops and hard drives. We apply specialised techniques to deal with smartphone liquid damage or laptop liquid damage and use state of the art ultrasonic machines for component liquid damage with a very high success rate.

To help make a quick assessment of the likely damage caused by the liquid and how best to treat it, it is useful to know the PH values of common liquids. This contributes to the chances of a successful repair as well as saving time and money. The following are approximate values to be used only as general guidelines only:


Water neutral pH = 7.0

Blood = 7.4

Gastric Juice = 0.7

Urine = 6.0

Juice = 8.1

Saliva = 7.0

Lager Beer = 4.4 - 4.7

Wine = 5.5

Lemon juice = 2.3

Bleach = 12.6

Sea water = 8.2

Pool Water = 7.8

*All the above are approximate values to be used only as general guidelines.


5-step liquid damage first aid


  1. Switch off your device and leave it off.

Do not be tempted to switch it back on, even if you were lucky enough for it to come on once more - it will go off again and short circuit - switch it off.

  1. Remove the battery (if possible) / Do not charge it.

Do not connect the device to any source of electricity or try to charge it.

  1. Dry the device as best you can.

Use a soft towel, if possible, to avoid scratching the device.

  1. Prop the device upside down.

This avoids liquid travelling any deeper and allows it to air dry.

  1. Take the device in for inspection and liquid damage treatment as soon as possible.

Resist the temptation to press any buttons or open it up until you have succeeded in reaching the professionals.

Published: 01 January 2022

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