All You Need to Know on Component Level Repairs & Micro Soldering - Atom I.T. Repairs

All You Need to Know on Component Level Repairs & Micro Soldering

All You Need to Know on Component Level Repairs & Micro Soldering

Where to begin with component level repairs!? We seek to answer precisely this question.

The rapidly evolving field of device repairs is characterised by distinct changes in the way technology is designed and produced by manufacturers. As devices become smaller and much more elaborate, the need for an efficient and reliable component level repair service is evergrowing. We have observed these market demands and invested in the right people, skills, and ultimately tools, to be able to carry out a large variety of component level fixes at a high-quality standard.


Soldering is a process by which two or more items, that are made of metal, are joined together by means of solder. This filler metal has a lower melting point than the adjoining metals and therefore serves as a physical link. Soldering differs from welding since the pieces being joined do not require melting. This is therefore applied in order to connect metal items without damaging them through overheating. Considering the miniscule scale of such parts, this process is significantly delicate and requires meticulous attention.


Soldering is the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board and is therefore also known as ‘surface mount soldering’. The microscopic nature of much of this work gives way to the term micro soldering, which as one may expect, is performed through the use of a specialised microscope. From integrated circuit (IC) and graphics chip replacement, to soldering and reballing procedures in order to restore damaged motherboards, our team is equipped to take on various tasks. Commonly noted component level fixes include: smartphone components, computer hardware components, logicboard (motherboard) repairs, board level microsoldering, audio IC, HDMI ports, and moisture damage treatment among others. 


The root cause of damage to the aforementioned components varies, however may be attributed to numerous factors. Chemical leakage, age, burned circuit boards and electromagnetic issues are frequently identified. When it comes to moisture damage particularly, damage to components is inevitable in many cases due to the rapid corrosion which takes place. Delay in giving your device the appropriate treatment only allows the corrosion to worsen thus making the device much more difficult to fix. Our team can treat various electronic devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, laptops and Macs with a very high success rate.


Ensuring a high standard of delivery when executing component level repairs and microsoldering requires substantial investment in industry level tools. Our equipment alone separates the service we offer from any home fix since inferior tools may easily induce further damage to the circuit board if incorrectly applied. This is therefore why we suggest working with our team of trained professionals for your next component level repair and micro soldering request. We apply an integrated approach towards any fix, ensuring that device’s we’ve handled are returned in a fully-functioning state following several tests.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 04 May 2022

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