How We Can Repair Your Apple Devices - Certified Repair Providers - Atom I.T. Repairs

How We Can Repair Your Apple Devices - Certified Repair Providers

How We Can Repair Your Apple Devices - Certified Repair Providers

At Atom I.T. Repairs, we know how important it is to provide an excellent service, especially when it comes to dealing with your devices.

A well-rounded service must include having both the expertise and knowledge to give your devices the best care possible in their repair. 

Of course, not all devices are the same, and provide different tools and knowledge in order to be repaired. For example, Windows and Apple are two of the most popular technologies available today and are significantly different in both their hardware and software. 

Technology is our passion – and this is reflected in our vast experience across various technologies. Our sphere of work is also constantly evolving, and we take the necessary steps through certification and training to keep informed of the latest changes and how they affect our work. 

So, our certification as experts in Apple repair is something that we take great pride in, and utilise effectively for our customers as part of an integrated service. 

Atom I.T. Repairs is an Independent Repair Provider for Apple. Our certification from Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program provides extensive repair proficiency on all iPhone and Mac products. We train and certify all our technicians to deliver Apple device repairs for all devices.

Through this program, technicians are able to perform a variety of out-of-warranty Apple device repairs. These can be split according to device, which include: 


  • MacBook Computers/Laptops: keyboard replacements; cracked screens; liquid damage; battery replacements; memory, HDD, or SSD replacement; logic board and video card replacements with original parts; software and connectivity issues.
  • iPhones: display and battery replacements; liquid damage; software and connectivity issues; button issues/replacement.


To help with these repairs, our technicians also have access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, diagnostics and resources – a wide variety of instruments to perform at our best. MacBook repairs are where we shine most, but that does not take away from our work on all Apple devices.

At Atom I.T. Repairs, we offer expert Apple repair services with no need to travel to the Apple store. Our affordable prices provide you with both the proficiency and quality that is needed and no extra fuss.

Contact us today to help make your device like new with reliable and effective repairs.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 02 September 2022

Atom, we'll repair IT!

We are a company focused on I.T. repair, PC upgrade, and refurbishment, including tablet and smartphone repair, as well as computer and laptop repair. Our know-how and expertise are the products of years of experience in Apple Mac repair, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Android device repair. We even handle component-level repair and carry out moisture damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

Atom® is a proud Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP), Malta's only Gigabyte Authorised Service Centre and an AVG Antivirus & Solutions Reseller.

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