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Our Top 5 iOS Tips & Hidden Secrets for Apple Users

Our Top 5 iOS Tips & Hidden Secrets for Apple Users

If you are crazy about iPhones just like we are here at Atom I.T. Repairs, then you are going to love our top 5 iOS tips and hidden secrets!

Apple’s operating system is described by many as  sleek, robust, and easy-to-use. It’s uniquely designed user interface, flow, and experience distinctly separates it from any competition. Like with many large systems, several awesome features which may very easily be missed also exist! Here are our favourite picks from a vast list of functions.


Use Your Camera’s ‘Burst Mode'

Unleash the pro-photographer in you and give your content that cutting edge with ‘Burst Mode’! This camera feature, as the name suggests, shoots a number of quick photographs with one press, allowing your iPhone to record numerous action shots. Once captured, your iPhone will then prompt you to select from an array of images shot in sequence.

When using the Camera app, simply slide the Shutter button to the left to capture your scene. Should you wish to enable the volume button as trigger for Burst mode, go to Settings, Camera, and enable Use Volume Up for Burst. Just hold it down and snap away!


Use Your Camera Flash as a Notification

Here’s a useful tool if you frequently miss messages or calls when your phone is on silent. Configure the iPhone’s LED flash to trigger in sync with notifications. This is only really visible in the dark or if your iPhone is on a surface with the screen facing down, making it more of a visual accessibility aid rather than a customisation feature.

In order to enable this function, Access ‘Audio/Visual’ in your iPhone’s settings and scroll to the bottom in order to toggle ‘LED Flash for Alerts’.


Scan Documents Using Your iPhone’s Camera

This feature stands among our favourites because of its significant practicality! Scanning documents is a common need which often brings with it quite some complications, such as limited access to a scanner, and also complicated use of such equipment. Your iPhone however possesses a fantastic tool which creates scanned .PDF documents in an instant, uploaded directly to any connected Apple devices. In order to access this open Notes, then select Scan Documents from the camera menu.


Use Back Tap for Extra iPhone Controls

Here’s an awesome tip that many Apple users completely miss out on! You can enable Back Tap on your iPhone in order to prompt a variety of features concerning time-saving, accessibility, and more. You can even use Shortcuts in conjunction with the feature for enhanced personalisation. Back Tap can be easily located in the iPhone's Accessibility menu.


Hide Unused Apps

Want to get rid of any unneeded apps from your home screen without uninstalling them entirely? Storing them in Apple's App Library is a great alternative. In order to execute this, simply hold down the app button while tapping ‘Remove App’ from the pop-up menu, then choose ‘Move to App Library’ to organise with ease.


Now go-on and enhance your Apple experience! These 5 hidden tips and tricks live among many others within iOS. These are also evolving at a rapid rate, with innovation leading to even more practical and cutting-edge features. As Apple Independent Repair Providers, we live and breathe Apple products! For all your iPhone, iPad, and iOS requirements look no further - we’ll fix it!

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 04 July 2022

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