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What We Do As Windows Repair Technicians

We aim to provide services that make sense to keep your device working with no issues, and aim to help you find the best repair solution.

Damaged PlayStation 5? Here’s How We Tackle These Repairs

Gaming consoles are great devices, which come with a variety of uses and features, and increase with every model upgrade.

How You Can Benefit From Our Repair Pickup Services: Collection and Delivery

We want to ensure your peace of mind through every step of the inspection process – and this includes your ability to travel to our Mosta store

Increase Your Laptop’s Lifespan With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Among the most common concerns that we face from our customers, one of the most persistent is “How long will my laptop last?”.

Get Your Laptop & Devices Repaired Quickly in Mosta

Atom I.T. Repairs specialises in a variety of device and system repairs.

Broken iPhone Back Glass? We Now Offer Apple State of the Art Back Glass Repairs in Malta

As of recently, we have acquired the tools to fully restore broken iPhone back glass with Apple state of the art execution! With its launch, an in-depth explanation of the process is essential.

The 3 Most Common PlayStation 5 Errors & Damages

The PlayStation 5 is no different to other gaming devices, and for this, we offer top of the range PlayStation 5 repairs in Malta!

How We Tackle On-The-Spot I.T. Repairs in 30 Minutes

Depending on the repair needed, our technicians can fix your device in only 30 minutes (or less), where speed and efficiency is prioritized!

Prevent Common Laptop Damages With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Despite all efforts to maintain a device’s condition, laptops, desktops, and other systems are inevitably prone to damages that occur due to wear and tear.

Fix Broken iPhone Back Glass Quickly With Our Brand New Repair Technology

Back glass repair is now available at Atom I.T. Repairs, with our brand-new technology.

Here’s How Our Techs Fix MacBooks as an Apple Authorised Repair Centre

Atom I.T. Repairs provides an efficient and affordable solution to MacBook repairs.

Our Top 5 Must-Fix Phone Issues at Atom IT Repairs

Phone issues and repairs are common and may vary according to phone type and brand.

We Will Improve Your MacBook With the Latest System Updates

MacBooks were built on the values of convenience – with backlit keyboards and a variety of functions and shortcuts that can significantly speed up your work.

Atom, we'll repair IT!

We are a company focused on I.T. repairs, PC upgrades and refurbishment including tablet and smartphone repairs and computer and laptop repairs. Our know-how and expertise is the product of years of experience in Apple Mac repair, Samsung and LG, Sony and Android devices. We even handle component level repairs and carry out moisture damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

I.T. Mechanics, Computer Gurus, call us what you will. At Atom - we repair IT!

Atom® is a proud Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP), Malta's only Gigabyte Authorised Service Centre and a McAfee Antivirus Reseller. #werepairit #atommalta

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