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The 3 Most Common PlayStation 5 Errors & Damages

The 3 Most Common PlayStation 5 Errors & Damages

The PlayStation 5 is no different to other gaming devices, and for this, we offer top of the range PlayStation 5 repairs in Malta!

One situation that many gamers find themselves in from time to time is grappling with maintenance issues – especially when it comes to understanding your gaming device’s needs and mechanisms whenever there is an error or damage.

The PlayStation 5 has several physical features that are exposed to wear and tear, as well as potential system bugs and other software issues. Besides the aforementioned points are our top 3 most common or well-known PlayStation 5 Errors & Damages. Our technicians at Atom I.T Repairs can help with providing efficient and practical solutions to these problems.

  1. Overheating

    One of the most common PS5 hardware problems is overheating.  Many newly developed video games are stacked with resource-intensive material required in order to function at a default capacity. Exposed to even the slightest unfavourable physical conditions, the PlayStation 5 may easily overheat. Such conditions include; being placed in closed, warm spaces with no air ventilation; exposed to constant heat via sunlight or external heating; having vents clogged with dust or dirt. These will cause fans to overwork and furthermore generate a persistent noise. Besides the damaging effects of overheating, overworking the PlayStation’s fans can cause damage to other moving parts found in the console.

    Another potential issue is the lack of, or handling of the thermal module on the unit. The PS5 uses a very specific Thermal compound called Liquid Metal. PlayStation 5's liquid metal is necessary due to extreme temperatures and this is an inevitable byproduct of the way they work. Modern CPUs and GPUs can produce a lot of heat and a professional installation will guarantee no damage is done, without sacrificing stability and performance.
  1. Frequent Freezing Problems

    Another common issue includes frequent freezing during gameplay. This is an in-use, software reflection of a hardware defect that is  induced by several distinct factors including A faulty storage or disc reader, as well as overheating.

    However, it is usually a set of problems that may lead to freezing problems. We recommend that an expert inspection be made whenever your console is experiencing these problems.

  2. Failing to Power Up

    A “brick console” due to powering up problems is a worst case scenario for all gamers! There’s no worse feeling than trying to play your favourite games during your free-time and having to overcome this issue. All hardware devices are prone to this core issue with usage, and there may be several reasons as to why, depending on the device.

    For a PlayStation 5, this usually entails issues with the power supply, fan, or motherboard. One component failure can cause others to malfunction. This is arguably our top pick as the worst hardware issue to plague the PlayStation 5 and other gaming consoles!


At Atom I.T, Repairs, we are available to help you with any of your PlayStation 5 issues, in both Base and Digital Editions, whether common or peculiar. 

Your console issues should not affect your gaming experience, and our repair technicians will make sure your console is working like new and in tip-top shape! Contact us today at or +356 2142 2934 to book an appointment or ask any console questions.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 05 December 2022

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