How You Can Benefit From Our Repair Pickup Services: Collection and Delivery - Atom I.T. Repairs

How You Can Benefit From Our Repair Pickup Services: Collection and Delivery

How You Can Benefit From Our Repair Pickup Services: Collection and Delivery

We want to ensure your peace of mind through every step of the inspection process – and this includes your ability to travel to our Mosta store

So many people today are living busy lives, on-the-go from one place to another, and matters like travel time and family care have to be strongly considered and prioritised when planning your day and to-dos. This can involve making your way to our store to drop off for inspection and repair, as well as to pick up your devices once we’re done.

We understand that not everyone has the ability to be flexible, especially with other priorities and commitments; so we wanted to remove any barriers by introducing pick-up services.

What Do Our Pick-Up Services Consist Of?

At Atom, we want to ensure that you, the customer, will not experience any feelings of frustration or overwhelm when it comes to having to drop off or pick up your devices from our store. Our pick-up services can be split into two distinct options: 

  1. Collection:

    For any person that needs to bring in their device to our store in Mosta, but is unable to. Just contact us, ask if we’re available to collect, and we can agree on a date and time for us to come over and pick up your device in need of repair. When our delivery person is on the way, we will call and ask for you to make sure that your device is ready to be handed off.

    After the hand-off, we will contact you again once it’s safely in the store!

  2. Delivery:

    When your device’s repair is complete, we will contact you for payment and pick-up. However, if you are unable to pick up the device, we can offer you delivery. Like collection, just let us know when we are able to drop off your device (both day and time), and we will contact you again once we are on the way.

Simple, practical, and efficient – those are the services we provide at every stage of the process.

What are the Benefits of Atom’s Repair Pickup Services?

We try to provide a holistic service for all of our customers here at Atom – we want to make sure that you know you are a priority, even when our repair services are done. We’d like to highlight the benefits of using our pick-up services, which include:


  • More Time – With our repair services, you have more time to tend to your commitments such as work and family, rather than worry about being stuck in traffic or try to find a space of free time in your full planner.
  • More Flexibility – In these times, your presence in the store does not need to be guaranteed for the ability to get your device repair; we can take care of that for you. Just let us know your interest, and we can work out the details together.

  • Less Hassle –  If you are unable to make the in-person pick-up, we don’t want you to worry about moving things around or trying to find someone else to pick it up for you.

  • Guaranteed Support – Our job as repair technicians are not over once we finish repairing your device. We will support your needs every step of the way, and want to ensure your device arrives safely in your hands. 

Pick-Up Services – Available Now!

Interested in learning more about how our repair pick-up services can help you? Contact us today by phone, email, or online via our Facebook page.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 11 October 2022

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