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How We Tackle On-The-Spot I.T. Repairs in 30 Minutes

How We Tackle On-The-Spot I.T. Repairs in 30 Minutes

Depending on the repair needed, our technicians can fix your device in only 30 minutes (or less), where speed and efficiency is prioritized!

When time is of the essence and quick repairs are needed, our technicians at Atom I.T. Repairs can help you with our on-the-spot repair service, available only in-store. Some of the on-the-spot repairs that we can provide include:


  • Battery Replacement 

Battery replacements are tackled by our team of I.T. repairers in a highly systematic manner. The battery found in many laptop models may be seamlessly replaced by dismantling the existing component and inserting a newer one. We specialize in laptop repairs, and apply various diagnostics in order to determine the device overall health, without extensive software calibrations. A quality guarantee is provided with each repair, even when tackled in a flash!

Internal device batteries, such as those present in phones and tablets, entail a procedure which requires expert attention due to the sensitive nature of these parts. Specialized tools and methods are used to dismantle the device’s exterior casing and uncover the internal components. The existing battery is properly removed from surrounding components without causing any disruption to the device. A new battery is installed and software calibrations are then made to the device.

We stock batteries suitable for several devices, including: laptops, phones, and tablets. This instant availability allows us to conduct our on-the-spot repairs with ease, ensuring that your device is returned in tip-top condition without long waiting times.


  • Charging Dock

The charging dock is a crucial device component, and due to its frequent use and exposed state, it is particularly prone to damage. When this occurs, one may note fluctuations whilst charging together with a complete inability to charge or sync the device. This unfortunately renders the device as useless, and therefore why an on-the-spot fix is needed.

Replacing the charging port is a meticulous process handled by our repair professionals. Once the device is carefully dismantled, the charging port is replaced and properly tested to ensure full efficiency.

  • Screen Replacement

When a device’s screen is cracked or exposed to moisture damage, a screen replacement is imminently required to avoid further complications which may easily arise. We advise our clients to bring the device for an inspection, where we will dismantle the concerned components and replace those which have been damaged. Depending on the scale of damage present, we may conduct an immediate repair! It is crucial for this to be handled by our team of authorized repairers due to the necessary hardware or software pre and post-tests. When a screen is replaced without following the correct steps, one might encounter faults in the device’s functionalities. Many a time this creates other issues resulting in software prompts, cameras not functioning correctly, lack of responsiveness as well as many other issues.


Learn More About Our On-The-Spot Repair Service!

At Atom I.T, Repairs, we aim to provide proficient and expert technical repair services, and always ensure your device leaves our store in a better condition than when this was brought to us. Our on-the-spot repairs are as effective as they are convenient.

Contact us today at or +356 2142 2934 to book an appointment or for further information.


Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 29 December 2022

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