Our Top 5 Must-Fix Phone Issues at Atom IT Repairs - Atom I.T. Repairs

Our Top 5 Must-Fix Phone Issues at Atom IT Repairs

Our Top 5 Must-Fix Phone Issues at Atom IT Repairs

Phone issues and repairs are common and may vary according to phone type and brand.

In the case of our phones, they have become such a significant part of our lives that certain issues could greatly affect our day-to-day activities. In this blog post, we will explain the 5 most significant issues that we have seen phones experience, and recommended courses of action.


  1. Charging

    A phone’s charging port tends to deteriorate as time passes, with misuse and dirt often being the causes of this deterioration, amongst others. Whilst a common phone issue, any problems with a phone’s charging port must be solved by an expert technician.

  2. Display

    There are many display issues that you can experience with mobile phones across different brands – the most common of these being:

    Frozen phone screens
    Vertical lines on screens
    Damaged display glass
    Flickering screens
    Completely unresponsive/dark screens. 

    Display issues may also affect the phone’s touchscreen capabilities, and can often be linked together. But both display and touch screen issues can only be seen by a technician.

  3. Software

    A phone’s software issues can range from system update issues to app crashes/freezes, or an unresponsive phone in general. These may also be related or linked to other phone issues, such as overheating – so a thorough check of your phone’s systems by an expert is required when software issues occur.

    If left unchecked, these issues could severely impact or damage your phone’s functionality, and can make using your phone quite difficult.

  4. Battery

    Like the charging port, a phone battery’s life and functionality can deteriorate over time. Many factors can affect your battery life and should take into account before heading to a technician – such as screen brightness, app usage, Bluetooth, etc.

    However, if problems with battery life persist – mainly that the phone never has enough battery life, no matter how often you charge it or how little you use it – a visit to a technician is recommended.

  5. Backup / Storage

    Backup or storage issues on a mobile phone are usually for one of three reasons. Either there is too much data, such as photos, documents, etc. saved on the phone and you don’t know where else to save them; unnecessary apps are taking too much space; or your backup options available to you are not working efficiently enough.

    The third reason could be linked to an incomplete or faulty storage set-up issue. In any of these scenarios, however, this could be easily fixed with the help and guidance of a technician.


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As you can see, the issues we have highlighted require the assistance of experts who can provide both efficient and reliable services. This is what we provide at Atom I.T. Repairs. To find out more, kindly contact us or check out our Facebook page.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 04 March 2023

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