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Increase Your Laptop’s Lifespan With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Increase Your Laptop’s Lifespan With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Among the most common concerns that we face from our customers, one of the most persistent is “How long will my laptop last?”.

One might think that a cycle of replacement every few years is needed – but that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

Particularly with more modern models, a few straightforward software and hardware upgrades will give your laptop an effective service restoring it to its previous state! Our repair specialists at Atom believe in making your devices last, focusing on optimising performance and utilising replacement when necessary.

Therefore, upgrading or servicing certain components in your laptop is always recommended. These improvements can make a significant difference to the device’s lifespan.Here are our Top 3 Suggestions to increase your laptop’s lifespan.


Add RAM For More Multitasking

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary storage location, therefore defined as volatile. It is faster to utilize than other kinds of storage, such as the HDD or the optical drive, and stores memory essential towards processing of tasks! This type of upgrade is regarded as one of the most accessible, and adds significant benefits to your laptop’s performance!

Entry level laptops are normally equipped with 4-8GB of RAM, preinstalled, which is enough memory to compute simple tasks. However, when using performance-intensive  applications such as Adobe Creative Suite or various other applications, upgrading your RAM will definitely enable quicker performance

Upgrading your RAM to 16GB or more (if your laptop allows it), will create a significant difference in application-load time and switching between open programs.


Upgrade Your Storage To SSD

This upgrade is regarded as quite pricey, but also highly effective. The SSD is a storage device relying solely on flash memory, used in place of a hard disk drive (or HDD) because of its much greater speed. Upgrading your SSD will make your laptop feel brand-new. SSDs greatly affect the speed of your laptop, and an upgrade can drastically improve boot times, file transfers, and overall system responsiveness. It is also a safer and more reliable option!

SSDs also largely depend on how many applications you tend to install on your system. We recommend saving large applications on a separate hard drive, so your SSD’s resources are focusing on only running applications and your laptop is ready to go whenever you turn it on and use it.


Invest In An Extra Battery & Hard Drive

Some of the most significant components of the performance of a laptop are its battery life and storage space. 

A simple way to upgrade your laptop’s battery life is to use an extra battery – in this way, you will never have to worry about the battery life of your device again.

With storage space, however, a laptop’s hard drive greatly affects your laptop’s performance, especially with more space that is used. However, there are ways to work around this – one of the best solutions being to invest in an external hard drive, so you’ll be able to optimize your laptop for performance, rather than storage space. You can also use your hard drive to back up your data, ensuring an extra layer of data safety and security for your important documents and device memory.


Learn More About Laptop Upgrades

Atom I.T. Repairs have years of experience and knowledge in handling device repairs – and we can help make your laptop work better than ever, and in no time at all! Find out more about laptop or PC upgrades from our website, or contact us with any specific queries on upgrades.


Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 01 November 2022

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