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Prevent Common Laptop Damages With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Prevent Common Laptop Damages With Our Top 3 Suggestions

Despite all efforts to maintain a device’s condition, laptops, desktops, and other systems are inevitably prone to damages that occur due to wear and tear.

Some issues are more common than others, however they can easily be prevented with the right knowledge. In this blog post, we have deduced the top three common laptop damages that arise through our clients in-store, and shall also list our suggestions to prevent these from occurring.

  1. Laptop Hinges Getting Loose

    The right way to approach this physical damage to your laptop is by turning the device off and bringing it to our repairers for an inspection. Hinge issues arise due to various physical factors such as improper handling, wearing out (especially on devices that are used daily), loose internal hinge holders, broken plastic crown and / or screw holders to lock the hinge in place.

    Difficulty to fully open your laptop for usage, as well as display glitches are common symptoms of damage to laptop hinges, and are consequences of this.

  2. Laptop Overheating

    There are various ways to prevent your laptop overheating, which more often than not include the physical conditions applicable to the device. Overheating is largely induced by clogged vents which reduce airflow in and around the device, thus resulting in the working components not receiving the cooling required to maintain their standardised temperature. When various components overheat at the same time, the laptop’s fan begins to work on overdrive in order to compensate for the lack of airflow. In this case, one will easily hear the overworking fan sounding different to when the laptop receives correct cooling.

    Ongoing cleaning and regular maintenance is advised, however in cases of persistent overheating, a deep clean is required. Our repair technicians will expose the laptops internal parts and clean each component, together with the device’s vents, in order to enable airflow. This type of laptop repair is vital with today's laptops.

  3. Weak Laptop Performance

    As previously mentioned, wear and tear goes hand-in-hand with a slow yet gradual decrease in rate of device performance. Our aim at Atom I.T. repairs is to maintain your device’s condition through precise inspections and diagnostics, together with an effective repair of the underlined issues. 
    Both software and hardware defects may induce weak performance. A specialised approach towards targeting potential system faults as well as physical damage to components, is adopted during the diagnostics process. We therefore highly suggest bringing your device for an inspection whenever faced with laptop difficulties. When addressing software demands, a few common fixes concern:
  • Laptop being on power-saver mode
  • Overworking the system capacity
  • Too many start-up programs
  • A required update
  • Overflow of temporary files
  • Laptop being infected with malware 


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Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 04 January 2023

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