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What We Do As Windows Repair Technicians

What We Do As Windows Repair Technicians

We aim to provide services that make sense to keep your device working with no issues, and aim to help you find the best repair solution.

At Atom I.T. Repairs, we ensure that our customers understand our repair processes and are comfortable to ask any questions one might have about their devices and their capabilities.

To help you better understand what we do as I.T. technicians, here is a rundown of services we provide for Windows devices. 

Windows Computer Repairs

We meticulously and continuously test and run diagnostics during our repairs to ensure that the optimal results that could be expected are achieved. With this in mind, we do offer a variety of services for Windows devices. 

Atom I.T. Repairs is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and Partner, and our team consists of A+ Certified Computer Technicians, priding ourselves on the quality of our services over volume. All of our services are done according to the latest updates and technical skills required – providing the highest standards to our customers.

Our ethos is that if it makes sense to repair and can be done both efficiently and at a reasonable cost, then we will help you out. In most cases, you are better off repairing your device than replacing it – so give it another chance, and we will help make it as good as new. 

The standard repairs for Windows devices include:


Data Recovery

A service that is undeniable in its importance in this day and age. With data difficulties, we can help you retrieve your important information or personal memories from your Windows device.

From hardware failure to lost files – we can protect and retrieve your data smoothly and effectively, as well as recommend data-protection and back-up upgrades.


Windows PC Upgrades

We strive to improve the performance of your computers with our PC upgrade services. Whilst in some cases there is no choice but to choose PC replacement – but in most situations, a computer upgrade can do wonders for your device. Whether your upgrade is for business or personal reasons, we keep you informed and collaborate consistently throughout the process, and ensure you device works to the best of its capabilities.

Our PC upgrade services include:

  • RAM upgrades and replacement
  • Hard disk drive upgrades
  • SSD replacement (solid-state drive)
  • Cloning services - hard drive to SSD
  • Operating System upgrades
  • CPU upgrades for improved core speed – for both computers and laptops 
  • Graphics Card upgrades and replacement
  • Gaming configuration upgrades
  • Network and Energy Saver upgrades

Rest assured, our team can perform any kind of computer upgrade you require. 

Micro-soldering/Component Level Repairs

At Atom I.T Repairs, our commitment to quality services includes component level repairs. We provide a variety of micro soldering services. We can tackle any soldering task, from microscopic and in-depth to basic fixes. We handle:

  • Smartphone components
  • Computer hardware components
  • Motherboard/logicboard repairs
  • Board level micro soldering
  • Audio IC repairs
  • HDMI repairs
  • SMD replacement
  • Liquid damage treatment


We’re Here To Help

At Atom I.T. Repairs, our technicians are ready to help make your Windows device the best it can be. Want to contact us for more information? You can fill in our contact form on our website, send a message via our Facebook page, or call us.

Author: Atom I.T. Repairs Published: 09 September 2022

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Atom® is a proud Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP), Malta's only Gigabyte Authorised Service Centre and an AVG Antivirus & Solutions Reseller.

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