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Apple iPhone Repair Service

Apple iPhone Repair Service

Affordable, quality iPhone repairs from a team of Apple-certified specialists.

iPhone Repairs Performed by Apple-certified Technicians

Expertise in iPhone repair is one of the pillars of our service from the onset of its creation. Our tech-savvy Apple-certified technicians are the most reliable in the trade. They use their vast knowledge and experience to perform high-quality iPhone repairs and refurbishments for every customer.

We are among the sole Apple Independent Repair Providers in Malta, providing authorised repairs and parts. We will calibrate the display (on a repaired iPhone 6s or newer) using Apple’s calibration and diagnostics software. This is fully integrated with the device's logic board at system level, ensuring a thorough iPhone display calibration process. Performing a screen replacement otherwise will incorrectly calibrate the physical screen with software features, leading to notable issues such as a non-functional fingerprint sensor and Face ID biometric system.

Such calibration has been a requirement with the introduction of Touch ID, following the pairing of the home button with the display and logic board via cryptography. 2D Touch on iPhone 6s and newer and Face ID on the iPhone X and newer followed these requirements. Touch ID, Face ID and now 3D Touch must be calibrated via software intervention, making it a quicker and more reliable repair.

In terms of genuine Apple parts, the notable feature is the replacement display which comes with the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker, home button assembly and LCD shield plate already installed. Our team of I.T. specialists don't need to directly shift any components from the original screen to the new one before installing it. Full compatibility and functionality are guaranteed as a result of this, in contrast to an unauthorised Apple repair which will leave your result in an incomplete state.

Fast, Professional iPhone Repairs

Our technicians can perform most iPhone repairs while you wait, for same-day service that’ll get your phone functioning and back in your hands without the hassle.

We understand the importance of having your iPhone repaired quickly and professionally. It’s a device that has become a part of our daily lives; one that we rely on for work, communication, interaction, and more. Get the iPhone repair you deserve without burning a hole in your pocket or spending days without it. Our service is fast, efficient, and promises a fully functioning device.

iPhone Repair Service You Can Trust

Our experienced iPhone repair technicians are Apple-certified and have a passion for technology. With these qualities, we guarantee a pleasant experience for you and for our team, because fixing things is what we love.

We use OEM and high-quality parts for our repairs as well as diagnostic performance tests before, during, and after each iPhone repair to ensure the quality of our work. We uphold the highest standard of service with every appointment and promise to return your phone like-new for an affordable, trustworthy repair experience.


The Most Commonly Requested iPhone Repairs:

iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

Buttons Not Working

Battery Replacement

Camera Replacement

Charging port repair Face ID issues





Looking to Make Your Phone Last Longer? Request Our iPhone Refurbishment Service.

If, instead, you’re looking to make your iPhone last longer, ask us about our iPhone refurbishment services. We can replace internal components and give your iPhone a new lease on life. Our specialists will make your phone look, feel, and perform like new again.


Book Your iPhone Repair Today

Get the highest quality iPhone repair at the most affordable price by booking today. Let us know what you’re having an issue with so we can prepare before you arrive and get your phone back in your hands as quickly as possible.

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Published: 01 January 2022

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